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  • Application of adsorption resin in wastewater treatment2016-12-23

    This paper introduces the application of adsorption resin in waste water treatment, with emphasis on the treatment of phenolic wastewater, acid waste water and sulfanilamide wastewater Adsorption resin for wastewater treatment with deep purification, high processing efficiency, has the adv

  • Method for using macroporous adsorption resin2016-12-23

    Method for using macroporous adsorption resin1) column:To feed processing in 1 ~ 4BV hr flow rate through the exchange column, not the resin layer with bubbles (experimental exchange column requires resin filling height to diameter ratio of more than 3, in the production of resin filli

  • Ion exchange resin pretreatment method2016-11-22

    Ion exchange resins for industrial products must be pretreated to remove excess solvents, oligomers, or other impurities in the resin, which may affect the exchange and effluent quality It can also improve the stability of the resin to be transferred to the desired ionic form, and i

  • Matters needing attention in using macroporous resin2016-11-22

    Macroporous adsorption resins are very stable under normal storage and use conditions, and do not dissolve in water, acid, alkali and organic solvents 1 handling, loading and unloading operation should be gentle, stable and stacking rules, not violent beat Such as falling will cause th