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Application of adsorption resin in wastewater treatment


This paper introduces the application of adsorption resin in waste water treatment, with emphasis on the treatment of phenolic wastewater, acid waste water and sulfanilamide wastewater. Adsorption resin for wastewater treatment with deep purification, high processing efficiency, has the advantages of separation of organic compounds has obvious effect, has great prospect of application in reality, has significant environmental and economic benefits in the field of water treatment will be applied widely.

1 Overview

Adsorption resin, also known as polymer adsorbent, is a kind of polymer which is characterized by adsorption. According to the surface properties of resin, adsorption resin is generally divided into non polar resin, polar resin and polar resin three kinds: non polar resin is composed of dipole moment small monomer polymer prepared without any functional group adsorption resin, a typical example is the adsorption resin of styrene ethylene one or two benzene system; polar resin refers to adsorption resin containing ester groups, such as a copolymer of acrylic or methacrylic acid and methyl acrylate double crosslinking; polar resin refers to adsorption resin containing amide, nitrile, phenol hydroxyl containing nitrogen, oxygen and sulfur polar functional groups.

In the process of adsorption of organic compounds, physical adsorption and chemical adsorption were carried out simultaneously. The resin adsorption and its physical structure and chemical structure are closely related: non polar hole exchange resin resin is its physical structure (surface area, pore size, porosity) function; polar resin and macroporous exchange resin has a specific surface area and pore, has all kinds of polar or different functional groups, the corresponding chemical absorption annex plays an extremely important role. Resin and organic matter binding ability with specific relevant resin and organic matter, available in the fruit and vegetable juice processing, medicine extraction, industrial wastewater treatment, drinking water treatment, desalination, ionic membrane caustic soda, wet metallurgy and chemical separation, etc.. At present, the adsorption resin has been widely used in the field of water treatment, and has the advantages of deep purification, high treatment efficiency and separation and concentration of organic matter.

Study on the application of 2 adsorption resin in wastewater treatment

2.1 treatment of phenolic wastewater

The treatment of wastewater containing phenol type macroporous resin using cumene oxidation method to produce phenol, the high concentration of phenol wastewater was cumene extraction, but the extraction effluent phenol content is still high, the water directly discharged sewage treatment field for biochemical treatment, which not only to the difficulties caused by the sewage field operation, and the A lot of material loss. A NKA 2 macroporous resin adsorption capacity of phenol and selectivity, strong anti-interference ability, easy desorption, can effectively remove the sewage in the main pollutant, phenol, but also can make the sewage pretreatment facilities with the existing production system combined pollution and governance so as to achieve the purpose of comprehensive utilization.

The application of macroporous resin in the treatment of wastewater containing phenol adsorption resin has good adsorption effect, easy desorption, stable performance, wide application range and good practicability and can realize the comprehensive utilization, is the effective method of treatment of phenol containing industrial wastewater. Such as the use of H lO3 resin containing sodium sulfate in the wastewater containing high concentration phenol by H - lO3 resin nitrophenol sodium wastewater, using NKA resin of strong acidic wastewater containing phenol, using CHA - lOl treatment of wastewater containing phenol resin and so on.

Treatment and resource utilization of phenolic wastewater containing T-5O tree ester: phenol in phenol wastewater of T-5O petroleum ester is harmful to human beings and organism. The T-50 oil ester production wastewater containing high concentration phenol CHA 111 macroporous resin fixed bed, the resin adsorption treatment and two sodium hypochlorite oxidation treatment, enrichment and recovery can achieve the effluent discharge standards and phenol in waste water.

2.2 acid wastewater treatment

Treatment by resin adsorption of tobias acid wastewater: the dynamic adsorption treatment of Tobias Acid Wastewater by xDx_1 macroporous resin, the concentration of wastewater after series two adsorption of tobias acid and its precursor, reduce a lot of distillation desorption recovery of tobias acid and its precursors can be returned to the production workshop for production, processing after biochemical treatment of wastewater discharge standards can be achieved.

Hypercrosslinked resin on the adsorption of sorbic acid in aqueous solution: NDA 150 hypercrosslinked resin in aqueous solution of sorbic acid adsorption capacity was significantly higher than that of CHA 111 and D 4 showed a resin. The surface polarity and micropore structure of the resin were determined in the adsorption process. The existence of pH value, temperature, NaC1 and ethanol mass fraction had a great influence on the adsorption.

Phenyl Peri Acid Production Wastewater Treatment Experiment: phenyl Peri Acid Production Wastewater with high salt content, deep color, high toxicity and difficult to be degraded, if it discharged without treatment, not only a waste of chemical raw materials, but also seriously pollute the environment. Using a cHA 111 macroporous resin to phenyl peri acid production process emissions of stripping and salting out wastewater of aniline phenyl Peri Acid Wastewater by adsorption and desorption process condition test, and achieved good treatment effect.

2.3 sulfanilamide wastewater treatment

Resin adsorption treatment of m-suladimethoxypyrimidine production wastewater: sulfadlmethdme is a kind of sulfa drugs, organic sulfa drugs are difficult to degradation of the wastewater generated in the production process is difficult to biochemical degradation, if will cause serious pollution discharge. Using self - adsorption resin treatment of m-suladimethoxypyrimidine production preparation