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          The country is based on legislation, the industry to xing. Talent is the foundation of the development of enterprises, and is the first productive force to promote the development of enterprises. Lanshen attaches great importance to the construction team, the introduction of multi-channel, talent, talent training mechanism, a broad platform for the promotion of talent, provide a powerful guarantee for the enterprise in an invincible position in the fierce competition. The construction of the rapid development of the enterprise cannot do without the talent team, Shaanxi Lanshen special resin Co. Ltd. is an emphasis on human resources and winning business, we believe the company's market development speed depends on the amount of talents. Therefore, we focus on the management of the staff's career planning, talent reserve management, so that each employee clearly and quantify their own micro profit in the short, medium and long-term development goals and direction. Lanshen through the introduction of market orientation, talent value positioning system and higher than the market orientation, the character selection based not sticking to formalities, competition and training ability of artificial methods, clear and quantify the staff development way and standard. Employees rely on the ability to get a promotion company to develop to keep people, we believe that our strong human resources and talent development management system is the key to success. Lanshen determine the staff to achieve the goals and quantify the enterprise hopes to clarify the staff duties, carry out scientific income linked with the assessment index, jiangyoufalie. The combination of enterprise goals and employee development, to motivate employees from the aspects of self realization, respect and so on, effectively stimulate the enthusiasm and potential performance of employees.