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      Shaanxi Lanshen special resin Co. Ltd. specializes in macroporous resin R & D, production and sales, the company is headquartered in Xi'an hi tech CBD city gate, the modern special resin production base covers an area of 75 acres in the Agricultural Industrial Park in Pucheng County of Weinan City, construction area of nearly 30000 square meters, special resin production capacity will reach 5000 cubic meters, has passed ISO9001 international quality management system certification.

The main technical personnel in Shaanxi Lanshen special resin Co., mostly engaged in resin research and development work for more than ten years, and important achievements in the professional field of product innovation and application of adsorption resin. In the development process, the company has trained a group of high-quality research and development, testing, production and sales of the elite talents, and constantly enrich and improve our ability of technical development and production, sales and service platform. At present, the "Lanshen resin" has become a famous brand in the industry.

With strong R & D strength, in special resin, we have fruit and vegetable food wastewater treatment resin, resin, pharmaceutical (including Chinese Medicine) special resin, chelating resin, resin, resin and other special industrial catalysis and other six categories of nearly sixty varieties, widely used in industrial water and wastewater treatment, environmental protection, food, beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical and other fields, great to meet the various needs of different applications. In the field of research and application of macroporous resin, we have created a number of proprietary technologies and equipment and applied for patent protection. A number of products with international and domestic leading level, and has been exported to Russia, Turkey and other countries.

Lanshen company has set up "to create more value for customers" concept, carry forward the continuous technological innovation spirit, constantly improve the quality assurance system, strict product standards, make our company operation flexible and efficient technical services in response to user fast, complete and reliable.

Sound quality assurance system

The company set up a quality inspection center for raw materials, intermediate products, finished product quality testing and control. Company for each process from raw material selection to finished products, in every aspect of sales from product development, manufacturing, from product performance, technology, detection of each step for customer service, the pursuit of comprehensive quality.

Advanced technology level

The company has a research and development center, has a number of high-quality, professional R & D personnel, specializing in the development of new products, product performance and application of technical research. With a keen market judgment, solid professional skills, rich experience in the industry, the company has a number of products with international and domestic leading level, and has applied for a number of patents.

[complete product variety]

The company has included wastewater treatment resin, resin, fruit and vegetable food (including pharmaceutical medicine) special resin, chelating resin, resin, resin and other special industrial catalysis and other six categories of nearly sixty varieties.

Sincere technical service

Lanshen company has perfect technology service system, adhering to the concept of customer service, and always maintain close communication with the user, to provide complete solutions tailored for users and services, including the application of simulation test, on-site training of personnel and operation guide, engineering design and installation, maintenance of resin, consulting and other problems.

[extensive cooperation and exchange]

Based Lanshen company is committed to independent research and development, but also keep an open attitude, and Beijing University of Chemical Technology, Northwestern Polytechnical University has many universities, research institutes and related enterprises to establish a long-term stable relations of cooperation and integration of all the advantages and advanced experience, continuous innovation, first-class quality assurance products, many times at home and abroad to participate in technical exchanges, so that service products in the domestic market, but also exported to Russia, Turkey and other countries.